About Warwick Capital

Warwick Capital is a crypto hedge fund manager headquartered in Bermuda. We provide investors (high value) returns through actively managed strategies.  

The Horseshoe Bay Fund is our flagship offering, providing investors exposure to the world’s fastest growing emerging asset class. Our relative value strategy attempts to capture consistent positive risk adjusted returns while trying to avoid the risk of ultra-high crypto volatility (bitcoin’s volatility often over 30%).

The company was founded by futures trading industry veteran Chris Hehmeyer and the trading team is led by Brian Tehako, both early adopters of the cryptocurrency asset class.  Warwick Capital is a member of the National Futures Association “(NFA”) and is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”).

Our Mission - Rising The Tide

Our Vision

Warwick Capital’s vision is to see the centralized monetary system transformed and decentralized, allowing borderless asset transactions to become the standard. We envision for our investors a financial freedom that unlocks a new realm of time in which diverse communities are pursuing what they love with passion, play and creativity.

Our Values


Acting with honesty, humility, and moral uprightness towards our team members and our counterparties. Establishing an environment of trust, truth, and dependability.


Being the greatest version of ourselves every day and staying true to what we believe in.


Operating with truth and being able to rely on us as individuals and and as a team.

Giving Back

Aligned with out mission of rising the tide, giving back and being apart of the community is a key role in rising the tide.